Why spend time training?

A dog who responds to you, walks with you and waits patiently for you is a pleasure to be with. Metro Dog’s training goal is to foster a successful learning relationship between you and your dog. We teach your dog to love to learn and we teach you how to guide and shape your dog’s behavior. Our hope is to show you all your dog has to offer. Every dog is unique, from its breed traits to its skills and the experiences that have shaped its character. We want to help you find the best way to train, with compassion and respect for you and your dog.

Most problems with dogs are a result of a lack of training. Dogs are born problem solvers; if we do not provide them with challenges to work their brains, they can create challenges for us through destructive and hyperactive behavior. Providing mental stimulation also builds confidence, reduces anxiety and improves concentration. Training is about more than just what you don’t want your dog to do. At Metro Dog you can get help with a problem, explore an area of interest or come just for fun. Let us help you build a fun and successful relationship with your dog.

“Anything studied improves.” We firmly believe this and invite you to learn with us.


  • “Great schools in our neighborhood? OH YEAH. We won't move because of Metro Dog, its classes and trainers. Thanks to Metro Dog, our fella, Oliver, is socialized, agile, no longer a leash monster, and so so very happy.”— Keiko
     Berkeley, CA
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