Our Instructors

Alison Smith

Alison Smith, CTC Director of Training and Behavior and Co- Owner of Metro Dog. Graduated with Honors from SFSPCA Dog Training Academy with a Certificate in Training & Counseling (2000). For many years Alison working with people and their dogs through her business Canine Culture, and now she has brought her expertise to found the Metro Dog Academy. She has worked with the Alameda Shelter to develop assessment and socialization programs for their dogs, served on the board of Smiley Dog Rescue, and frequently provided training advice and support to other local rescues.

Through the development of the Metro Dog Academy, she has been able to create a diverse and comprehensive program to mentor and develop new trainers. She is dedicated to healthy relationships between people and the dogs who share their lives.


Alyssa Vincent

Alyssa Vincent is the Operations Manager at Metro Dog Day Care and Boarding Center. She has been at Metro Dog since 2009 and began her training career in 2013. It took Alyssa just one summer at Metro Dog to fall in love with dog behavior. She has spent hours assisting in classes and consultations both at Metro Dog and at the Contra Costa County Animal Services Department. Alyssa is a classroom assistant and volunteer at the Contra Costa County Animal Services Department. She is working towards a rigorous certification in pet dog training through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She finds great pleasure in helping people connect with and understand their dogs. She believes in incorporating the entire family in all training. Having three, adult rescue dogs of her own Alyssa understands how individual each dog is and enjoys the challenge of discovering your dog’s personality and motivation.


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