Metro Dog Hotel

Whether you are looking for quality day care five days a week or a place to overnight board your dog for your holiday travels, Metro Dog is your dog’s home away from home. We provide a spacious urban oasis for your furry friend where he or she can make new friends, play and relax the day away. Our caring and compassionate staff will make sure your dog wants for nothing during their stay, so you can work or play without a worry.


Doggy Day care, overnight boarding, and all the extras!

We have convenient hours to fit you schedule.

We are open  from 6 AM to 9 PM every day (365 days a year)

After 9PM our overnight handler is here to let you in. Pick up or drop off your pooch 24 hours a day, by appointment and for a small fee of $15.


This is the day care you have been waiting for. Fresh air, sunshine, fun and friends, both human and canine. It’s like a day at summer camp, all year round!   More >


Happy Dogs Love Metro Dog!

We offer cage-free overnight boarding for dogs of all shapes, sizes and needs. It’s your doggy’s home away from home!   More >


During your dog’s stay at Metro Dog, why not book her in for some extra pampering? A simple bath with any of our natural shampoos, add a nail trim and a brush out it is a fabulous way to show your canine companion a little extra love. Other extra goodies are available too! Check out the extra fun.


We offer two convenient ways to get more from your money here at Metro Dog: our 20 Visit Day Care Package and our Metro Dollar Membership. Read more about them on our Packages page.

  • “Metrodog is amazing. As dedicated dog lovers, leaving our two pups behind when traveling for business or a dog-free vacation used to be complicated and stressful. However, for over a year and a half Metrodog has been making our busy work and social lives possible without guilt. In fact, quite the opposite of guilt. Our shepherd mix and Lab are SOOO excited when we even utter the word “Metrodog” that they start grabbing their leashes and running around the house like, well, mad dogs! Clearly they know they’re going to a canine country club, where all of their doggy needs are met. And they love meeting up with their furry friends. They go for extended sleepovers, as well as one or more day care and park trips almost every week while we’re working during the day. They come home happy, exercised, socialized, and mellow.

    Of all the places we’ve boarded our dogs, this is cleanest, safest, most professional, and most attentive — by a long shot. The entire staff is excellent; they’re friendly, they know what they’re doing and it’s obvious that they love what they do. They’re also honest, which we appreciate tremendously. If one of our dogs gets a rare scratch or if our Lab (who’s had multiple leg surgeries and limps after exercise) has been limping a lot, they know why and when, they take care of the issue (clean the scratch, put the Lab in the less active group), and they TELL us about it. There’s no weird “I don’t know what you’re talking about” or “well, your dog must have come in that way” like we’ve experienced in other places. They also allow dogs to rest in between activities, which is natural — and different from other places that just throw all the dogs in a room and let them fend for themselves.

    Friends of ours have successfully used their in-home pet care services, as well.

    If you’re in the East Bay or North Bay, this is simply the best option for dog care.”
3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) •