Metro Dog Day Care

This is the dog day care you have been looking for! We offer a healthy, balanced day filled with fresh air, sunshine, fun, friends, play, rest, and loving connections between both human and canine compadres.

We boast five indoor and two outdoor play yards! Your best friend will have ample time and space to romp in all our spaces providing a variety of different stimulation while you are away. We structure small groups of compatible canines that are always supervised in play and managed using positive reinforcement techniques – absolutely no squirt bottles, leash corrections, threats or pain are ever used in handling the dogs! Our handlers work to build healthy relationships and strong bonds with each dog in their group. Our groups are carefully monitored for maximum compatibility throughout the day. We meet them where they are moment to moment.

Our dogs are good canine citizens and have appropriate social norms continually reinforced through structured play group activities by their capable handlers. Our play groups are comprised of 15-20 dogs, ensuring plenty of loving individual attention. Your dog will love the hours she spends at Metro Dog’s day care; having fun in her play group, then taking a nap or chillax, then back out for more fun in play groups. We repeat this pattern all day, every day. It is predictable but never boring. The dogs dig it!

The indoor yards are covered with 3/8” recycled rubber matting, and our outdoor yards are cushioned with artificial pet grade grass to provide traction and cushioning, as well as the right natural microbial content to maintain a healthy and sanitary environment for everyone.

When your canine companion is not playing with her friends, she will have a comfortable, clean room to retire to either by herself or with friends. We furnish the rooms with crates and raised cot beds for maximum choice and comfort.

Dog day care hours

6 AM to 9PM – 7 days a week , 365 days a year! After hours pick up and drop off available for $15, by appointment.


Day care rates*

Are you going to be using our day care services regularly? Then save a bundle with our 10, 20 and 120 visit day care packages. These bulk visit packages give our loyal customers a large savings off the daily drop in price. Day care packages expire one year from purchase. Half Day Daycare available for all of our programs. Rates are for any stay of 5 hours or less between 6AM and 9PM. We do not offer any half day bulk visit packages.

Adult Dogs in a Social Room
(16 weeks and over)
$46 / day $30/ 5 OR LESS HOURS $40.50 / day $35.75 / day
Small Dogs and Tweenies $46 / day $30/ 5 OR LESS HOURS $40.50 / day $35.75 / day
Single Room for Any Size Dog $55 $35.00/ 5 OR LESS HOURS $49.50/day $41.25 / day
(8 – 16 weeks old)
$50 / day $35/ 5 OR LESS HOURS $45 / day N/A
Private Day Care w/reservation $70 / day $50/ 5 OR LESS HOURS $57.50 / day $49.00/ day

**Effective Feb. 1, 2019.

What does private and semi-private day care include?

A wonderful program for  dogs that are less-social.

The nurturing staff at Metro Dog caters to all different types of canines. While the large majority of our clients take advantage of the full social day care pet program, we know there are others who just do not do as well in the company of others. With our private daycare program, we offer your beloved pet the safety and security of a solo experience while enjoying their stay at Metro Dog. Private day care doggies have their own room to themselves. While in their room your dog is allowed all the bones and toys you would like them to have.

Private care canines take 3 fifteen-minute trips to our fun outside yards to play and take care of business in the company of their trusted human handler as well as regular potty breaks throughout the duration of the day. They also have a thirty minutes session of private play with their handler each day they are a guest here at Metro Dog Day Care.

Extra fun!

Looking to give your beloved canine companion even more? Extra training, a good scrub and fluff, or a field trip to the park? No problem! At Metro Dog we offer a wide range of goodies and pet care services which you can add on to our basic day care and boarding schedule. Please visit our extra fun menu to browse through the array of tantalizing options for your dog.

How do I make a reservation?

All new clients must first attend a New Client Orientation before booking day care services. If you are a new client, please call 510- 524- DOGS (3647) or send us an an email at If you are a returning Metro Dog client, while we can often get you in last minute we recommend filling out a reservation request form for all day care and overnight boarding.

  • “Metrodog is amazing. As dedicated dog lovers, leaving our two pups behind when traveling for business or a dog-free vacation used to be complicated and stressful. However, for over a year and a half Metrodog has been making our busy work and social lives possible without guilt. In fact, quite the opposite of guilt. Our shepherd mix and Lab are SOOO excited when we even utter the word “Metrodog” that they start grabbing their leashes and running around the house like, well, mad dogs! Clearly they know they’re going to a canine country club, where all of their doggy needs are met. And they love meeting up with their furry friends. They go for extended sleepovers, as well as one or more day care and park trips almost every week while we’re working during the day. They come home happy, exercised, socialized, and mellow.

    Of all the places we’ve boarded our dogs, this is cleanest, safest, most professional, and most attentive — by a long shot. The entire staff is excellent; they’re friendly, they know what they’re doing and it’s obvious that they love what they do. They’re also honest, which we appreciate tremendously. If one of our dogs gets a rare scratch or if our Lab (who’s had multiple leg surgeries and limps after exercise) has been limping a lot, they know why and when, they take care of the issue (clean the scratch, put the Lab in the less active group), and they TELL us about it. There’s no weird “I don’t know what you’re talking about” or “well, your dog must have come in that way” like we’ve experienced in other places. They also allow dogs to rest in between activities, which is natural — and different from other places that just throw all the dogs in a room and let them fend for themselves.

    Friends of ours have successfully used their in-home pet care services, as well.

    If you’re in the East Bay or North Bay, this is simply the best option for dog care.”
3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) •