Extra Fun

With all boarding and day care clients, you may add-on training services to support your dog’s learning while in the Center. You can also add individual play in the Center, on-leash neighborhood walks off-site, and group off-leash romps at the park, and  grooming services to provide a full and well-rounded experience for your four-legged family member!

*Effective Feb. 1, 2019.

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field trip to an east bay regional park $20-$25 / per trip Excursions are 45 minutes- 1 hour in length. All participants must complete the Park Trip Application Form and be accepted to the program.
play time $25 / 30 min Extra love for your loved one! Your choice of ball play, agility session, nose work fun, a leash walk on or off the grounds, or just some good ol’ one-on-one TLC. Let us know what you want!
leash walk $25 / 30 min We will walk with your dog up to the Albany Hill or in the Richmond Annex neighborhood where he or she can explore the trails on leash or sniff the roses with their walker.
training $25 / 15  min session No time in your busy day to focus on training? We know that all dogs benefit from practice when they are learning something new. We can do the work for you while your sweet one is here for day care or boarding. All training requests must complete the training form at drop off.

for Metro Dog clients in for day care and boarding

$30-$80 Bath  Price varies depending on size and coat. includes full brush out and dry (if your dog is comfortable with the dryer) Giant or matted dogs may have custom pricing. Overly matted dogs may not be able to be served.
$20-$25 Nail Trims (requiring one staff person) and Nail Trim Trainings (requiring two staff people)
 $15-$45 Brush out without bathing. Giant dog prices may be higher.

feeding your food for breakfast and dinner is included with boarding

$2-$5 / meal House kibble and/or canned food. We proudly serve Prairie Kibble and Canidae canned food.
$2 – $8 / meal Raw food (We stock Feed This! Raw foods).
$3 Dinner Daycare Dinner – Dinner is included in our Boarding Program and for Day Care late pick ups (after 9pm). Daycare Clients may bring their own food and we will provide the service for $3 or you can feed when you get home.
$3 / lunch Feeding Lunch is not included with Daycare or Boarding except for puppies. We will serve for food for $3. Add house food charges to this service if you want us to feed house food to your dog.
medications $3 per administration We will gladly administer prescription medications to your dog. Fill out the Medication Information Form on the back of the Boarding check-in Form. Please note that we do NOT perform injections. Applying your provided topical flea/tick treatments is $15 to allow for private care while the product dries.
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