Here at Metro Dog we know the value of a dollar, especially in these times. That’s why we do everything we can to help you stretch yours further! We offer two convenient ways to get more bang for your buck when purchasing pet care services from us.

10-, 20-, and 120-visit day care packages*

Will you be using Metro Dog’s Day Care services frequently? Combining day care and training services? Then get 10-27% off our normal rates with our 10- and 20-visit Day Care Packages! These pre-paid packages give our loyal customers a significant savings, and they never expire. What could be better?  Click here for printable rate sheet

*All packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.

Super Social Active Adult Dog,
Small Dogs and Tweenies
$405 for 10 days of care
Super Social Active Adult Dog,
Small Dogs and Tweenies
$715 for 20 days of care
Puppies (8 – 24 weeks) $450 for 10 days of care
Single Room Social $495 for 10 visits
Single Room Social $825 for 20 visits
Private Care $575 for 10 visits
Private Care $1,075 for 20 visits
Best Friends Package $3,600 for 120 visits**
**must meet eligibility requirements.


Metro Dollar Packages

We are very excited about our Metro Dollar packages, and think you will be too! These are the most flexible way for you to maximize your dollars. We allow you to prepay for services and cluster your spending to maximize the amount of Metro Dollars we add to your account. Metro Dollars are our way of saying thanks. We give you 10-15% more to spend on your beloved when you bundle your spending and prepay. If you spend $500, we give you an extra 50 Metro Dollars for a total credit of $550. At $2,000 we give you 15% more, $2300 in credit on your account. See the breakdown in the chart below.

Please note: Metro Dollar packages are Pre-paid packages. You may let us know you want to automatically re-up when your package runs out or when you make reservations. You cannot buy a Metro Dollar package the day you check in for a board that costs an amount in a package range and receive the added Metro Dollars at that time. These are pre-paid packages.

Your Metro Dollars are good for boarding, day care, retail, grooming, and training classes at Metro Dog. If it’s a service we offer in the center, you can use it. They have no expiration date…and they make fantastic gifts!

mini metro $500, $1,000, $1,500 10% more
mighty metro $2,000  every increment of $500 above 15% more


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