A day in the life

5 am to 7 am: Rise and shine! Time for morning potties and breakfast.

6 am: We open to the public. Day care clients begin to arrive.

7 am to 7 pm: Time to play! Play, rest, play, rest, repeat…

All overnight and day care guests begin their play group rotations through our 7 play yards. Play is always supervised, and groups typically do not exceed 15-20 dogs. The day’s routine is always the same: play, rest, play, rest, repeat. Play and rest sessions vary in length depending on the need of the group as determined by the handler. Handlers rotate through our different yards, engaging the dogs in a variety of activities. Between play sessions, dogs rest with their friends in their rooms, either crated or loose with cots available for their comfort. We socially board all dogs unless the dog’s program requires a room of his or her own, or the client chooses this option for their pup.

4 pm to 6 pm: Dinner time!

Dinner is served for overnight guests and for those day care dogs that have requested dinner. Feeding dinner is included at no charge for overnight guests when their owners provide food; house food costs $2 to $7, depending on food choice and quantity.

Day care dogs are not fed dinner unless a client specifically requests this service. When requested, dinner service costs $3 for dogs whose owners provide their own food. If we are feeding house food, the dinner service is $3, plus $2 to $7 for house food. The cost depends on food choice and quantity.

7 pm to 9 pm: Bedtime

Play groups end at 7 pm. All overnight boarding dogs are tucked in for the night, including day care dogs that are being picked up after hours. Overnight boarding guests can have one article of bedding from home. Day care dogs with late pickup are given house bedding.

9 pm: Final potties

All dogs in the center go out for a final potty before lights out.

3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) • info@metrodog.com