Is my dog a metro dog?

Wondering if your pooch would do well at Metro Dog?

Is my dog a Social Metro Dog?

All our canine guests are spayed or neutered, and enjoy being in company with people and dogs. They can settle during rest times and are healthy, free of parasites and are current with vaccines.  (Dogs weighing less than 5 pounds must enroll in a specialty program for their safety.) If your dog fits this general description, then we invite you to attend a new-client assessment to become a member of the pack!

Is my dog a Private Metro Dog?

Your pup is a good candidate for our private day care and overnight boarding program if she/he is spayed or neutered, requires the peace and calm of a private room, and is easily handled by people. Your pup does not need to be well socialized to other dogs, but she/he MUST be handle-able by people. Dog-aggressive dogs are not candidates for care at Metro Dog. Please contact our Home Services division to see if in-home care is right for you.

Is my dog a Semi-Private Metro Dog?

Dogs that have a foundation of social skills but are not comfortable in full social groups of 15-20 dogs may qualify for semi-private care. Semi-private dogs have a room of their own and receive TLC and play sessions with 1-4 dog friends hand-selected for compatibility and companionship.

Is My Dog a Metro Dog?

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