What makes us different?

We do it all

Everything you and your pet could need is right here under one roof! You can also count on Metro Dog’s standards of care for services in your home and neighborhood: We have been providing dog-walking, pet-sitting, and drop-in visits to Bay Area families since 2001. We opened the center in 2006 to include day care and overnight boarding in our extensive offerings.

You can save money by purchasing one of our prepaid multi-service Metro Dollar or bulk day care packages to help you take advantage of all we have to offer.

You always have access

We are open from 6 AM to 9 PM daily. After hours, you can still pick up or drop off your pup by appointment, and our center is staffed 24 hours a day. Like a hotel, you can check your pet in and out when you choose. After-hours pickup and drop-off fee is $15.

We are a positive-reinforcement center

We believe that positive methods of training and handling are the best practices in working with our guests. We do not use squirt bottles, collar corrections or other methods of behavior suppression to manage the dogs in our care. We use positive redirection and train our staff to maintain a healthy relationship of boundaries and positive management.

We are organized around our different dogs’ individual needs

Metro Dog is designed around your pet’s needs, and your pet’s needs will vary according to age, size, activity level and sociability. We offer different group programs designed for an individual’s comfort, safety, and fun. We also offer a private boarding program for dogs that cannot be in social settings.

We are green

  • We only buy, sell and use green products.
  • Our center is on a filtered water system.
  • Our construction materials are sustainable, non-polluting, and whenever possible, purchased from a reuse company.
  • We are the only green-certified pet care center in the East Bay.

We are socially responsible

  • We buy products that are fair trade.
  • We support local businesses and artisans.
  • We donate money to great organizations.
  • We purchase green products and actively contribute to decreasing landfill contributions through reuse.

We prioritize your dog’s health

When we designed Metro Dog, we took every opportunity to ensure the well-being of our guests. We offer:

  • filtered water;
  • cushioned rubber floors;
  • 24-hour supervision;
  • regular rotation between play time and rest time to mimic a dog’s natural rhythms;
  • fresh air,  sunshine, and pet-grade artificial grass in our outdoor play areas;
  • overhead radiant heat and air circulation in all indoor areas.

We offer Mighty Metro Dollar packages

Metro Dollars offer you a way to get more might out of each dollar you spend for services at Metro Dog or at your home. Our prepaid Metro Dollar Memberships offer the most savings and flexibility for your money. Metro Dollars do not expire and can be used for every service Metro Dog offers. They must be purchased in advance.

3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) • info@metrodog.com