1) All dogs must complete the enrollment process

All canine guests for day care and overnight boarding must pass an assessment and a day of daycare.

  • We will determine whether your dog has the appropriate social skills to be a good member of our canine community.
  • We will assess your dog’s stress level when they are asked to spend time resting in one of our suites. All dogs have rest time during the social day.
  • Based on what we see in the assessment your dog will be placed into one of our programs.
  • After the assessment your dog must complete a day of daycare (at least 5 hours)

2) At drop off for any service, all dogs will be given a head to tail physical exam.

All dogs must appear healthy (not coughing, clear eyes, no runny noses) and free of external parasites ( fleas, mites or ticks) when they check in. Any dog appearing sick or with external parasites will not be accepted for services. Any apparent injuries or wounds will be evaluated and discussed to determine if the dog should have restrictions in social groups.

3) All dogs must be current with required vaccines.

4) Emergency veterinary services are not available on site.

We will transport your pet to your vet or the local veterinary hospital. You will be responsible for all charges including a 15% service fee (based upon total cost of the vet bill) to Metro Dog to cover transportation and wait time.

5) Payment is due at drop-off for all services.

Your 20 Visit Day Care package or Metro Dollar Membership will be debited  at drop off. If your package is out of credit, you must purchase a new package or pay for services at the drop in rate. We do not accept dogs without payment.

6) For day care services:

Pick Up and Drop off can be done anytime between 6am and 9pm without an appointment for existing clients. Between 9pm and 7am the main entrance is closed. You can call our main phone number 510 .524.3647 and press ‘0’ to call a staff person to let you in.

For boarding services:

Boarding is charged by the night, regardless of the time you drop off. We strongly encourage you to drop off early in the day so your dog has a full day of activities at the Center before going to bed.

7) Check out time for boarding is 10am.

There is no charge for the day if your dog goes home between 6am and 10am. Dogs remaining after 10am will be charged for day care and are welcome to stay with us until 9pm.


Metro Dog does not accept intact dogs over 7 months – ALL dogs over 7 mo of age must be spayed or neutered. Additionally, adult dogs over 7 months of age must have been spayed or neutered 30 days prior to the first day of services.

Please note: Metro Dog reserves the right to remove an intact dog under 7 months of age from social groups in the following situations:

  • Any intact male dog under 7 months adversely affecting behavior in a group will be considered a private care dog. This dog can remain on the premises but will not be allowed in social groups. The guardian will be responsible for all additional charges.
  • Any intact female dog under 7 months exhibiting signs of entering a heat cycle will be segregated from the social groups and the guardians will be contacted. Metro Dog will work with guardians to find alternate arrangements to provide alternative care off Metro Dog’s premises.


At Metro Dog we require:

  • Core vaccines Distemper and Parvo. This is often given as a multiple shot DHP, DHPP, DHLP or DHLPP.
  • If you choose to have Blood Titer tests instead of revaccinating we will accept the positive results as proof of immunity.
  • Bordetella is for kennel cough. The vaccine only covers a few of the strains of Canine Cough so it is not a guarantee of protection. The vaccine has minimal side effects and cannot be detected in a Titer Test. We recommend that dogs with compromised immunity, older dogs and those who do not regularly board or attend daycare should revaccinate no more than 30 days and no less than 7 days before the start of boarding.
  • Rabies is a legal requirement and is good for 3 years.
  • External Parasites: Metro Dog requires that you treat your dog for fleas and ticks. Dogs are checked on arrival and will be treated or sent home if fleas and ticks are detected.

Some Information About Vaccines:

For the latest information please see the American Animal Hospital Association’s Vaccine Guide.

Currently there is a great deal of variation between one vet’s recommendations and the next as to how vaccination and what vaccines are essential. The controversy about vaccines is seen in both the human and pet worlds as the public and medical communities question and review the traditional practices.

After over 40 years of research two important pieces of information became clear:

  1. over 70% of dogs retained immunity more than 3 years after being vaccinated, and
  2. they began to see a pattern of diseases linked to vaccinations.

In 2002, The American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on cat and dog vaccines published seven “principals of vaccination” which discussed both the risks and benefits of vaccination and established core and non-core vaccines. This report captures the important concepts surrounding the controversy about vaccination. Here are some key excerpts:

” vaccinations are an important part of preventative medical practices, which are in turn an important part of providing animals with optimal health care…”

“vaccination is a potent medical procedure associated with benefits and risks for animals…”

“individual animals will require different vaccines and vaccination programs…”

“The practice of revaccination of (pets) annually is largely based on historic precedent supported by minimal scientific data. Unnecessary stimulation of the immune system does not result in enhanced disease resistance and may expose (pets) to unnecessary risks.”

In 2004 at the American Holistic Veterinary Association Conference vaccine researcher Ron Schultz presented his recommendations based on 30+ years of study. Using a modified live vaccine, he recommends revaccinating  no more than every 3 years and only for the the core diseases – Parvo and Distemper. He states, “the minimum duration of immunity for the core vaccines except for Rabies is at least 7 years based on titers, thus revaccinating annually will not improve protection.”

A blood Titer test can determine if your pet still has antibodies to the disease vaccinated for. In the late 1960’s the use of blood Titer tests instead of revaccinating fell out of favor with vets because it is more costly for the pet owner. More recently concerns about possible risks with vaccine use has prompted some vets to use Titer tests to create the best possible program for an individual pet.

More Information:



  • Pick Up and Drop off services are available 24 hours a day.
  • Regular public business hours are 6 AM-9 PM, 7 days a week. We never close on holidays.
  • Pick up and Drop Off (after 9PM and before 6AM) can be arranged by appointment only.
  • If you are arriving after hours (between 9PM and 6AM) you MUST CALL our phone number – 510.524.3647 and press 0 to reach the overnight staff, who will admit you to the building.
  • Late Pick Up for Daycare (between 9PM and Midnight ) is $15 per household. After Midnight per dog boarding rates apply.
  • Late Pick Up for boarding (between 9PM and Midnight ) is $15 per household. After Midnight per dog boarding rates apply.
  • Late Night Drop Off (after 9PM ) is charged at the room rate for that night. We do not recommend late drop offs for two reasons:
    • Your dog does not have a chance to play and settle in before being asked to bed down for the night. This can be a stressful adjustment.
    • You are paying for the night, which entitles you to use services for the entire day. Get the most for your money, and help your pup transition to us smoothly. We always recommend dropping off early on the first day.
  • Early Morning Drop Off (between 3AM and 6AM) is $15 per household.



To make and confirm any reservation you will need to provide a valid credit card to be stored securely with Metro Dog. Metro Dog contracts with a PCI compliant credit card storage company to safely house your information.


Cancellation Policy:

For non-peak and non-holiday reservations, bookings may be canceled within 48 hours of the first day of reserved stay without incurring a charge.

If cancellations are made inside of 48 hours, 1 day’s stay at the daily rate will be charged to Guardian.

Holiday reservation confirmation, payment and cancellation process & policy:

Metro Dog’s 2017/2018Holiday Season
Our holiday prepayment and cancellation policy is in effect for all services provided between November 17-26, and December 15 – January 2.

We are very excited to celebrate our 10th holiday season with you and your pet(s).
In order to hold your reservation you must adhere to the  policies in place during the holiday period:


  • Valid credit card information is due to confirm/hold a reservation. We must have a valid credit card on file. We understand credit cards become invalid for many reasons. If yours is invalid when we run it, we will attempt to reach you, but will release your reservation to a pup on our waiting list if you don’t hear back from you.
  • Metro Dog Holiday Day Care Reservation Requirement: Day care reservations are required during the holiday period. Drop-ins will be allowed with a $10 same-day-reservation surcharge, if space permits. Reservations made less than 2-weeks in advance are charged an additional $10. All day care reservations are subject to the holiday prepayment and cancellation policy. Payment will be charged two weeks prior to the day of service. All services not reserved 14 days prior to the start will be charged an additional $10 per day.Reservation changes: Early check-outs will be charged in full for the original reservation. Over-stays are charged an additional $10/night.
  • Your card will be charged in full for the board or day care 14 days before the stay will begin. If you have credit on account, payment will be taken from there. If you want to buy a Metro Dollar package, please tell us in a reply.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of the first day of your board forfeit 50% of the payment with the other 50% put on your Metro Dog account to be used in Center for future services. Cancellations of day care within 14 days are charged in full. There are no refunds to credit cards within the 14-day period. Cancellations prior to the 14-day period are refunded in full in whatever form you choose.
  • Should you shorten your dog’s stay within the 14-day period or check out early, the difference in price is non-refundable.
  • Minimum boarding reservation during the holiday period is 3 nights.
  • Our lobby will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We offer a discounted “after hours” service during these daytimes (6am-9pm) for a $10 fee. Pick up and drop off on these days must be scheduled in advance.
  • It is our intention to honor the reservations requests our clients desire. However, Metro Dog will make changes and charge you for the level of service we deem appropriate for the safety and well-being of your dog and all dogs in our care.
  • For updates, please email info@metrodog.com and put your dog’s name in the subject line. Phone calls are not returned promptly during this time. Email is best.