Metro Dog Boarding Hotel

The next time you need to travel, check your beloved canine companion in to the Metro Dog Hotel! We offer overnight boarding for dogs of all shapes, sizes and needs. Our rooms are just that: rooms. They are solid walled, have a front door and glass windows. The floors are made of the same 3/8” recycled rubber we use throughout the Center. In the big dog villages Multi-Dog rooms are 8×8, singles and family doubles are 5×8. They are custom designed and engineered to be safe, attractive and comfortable.

In the small dog dens Multi-Dog rooms are 9X10. Single or family rooms are available. All rooms have fresh filtered water and raised beds. You can provide your own bedding, or we will tuck them in with one of our blankets at night.

For our regular Daycare and Boarding clients – Remember, we fill up fast so be sure that you make your reservation early.


Once we have made your reservation, we require a deposit to secure your dogs spot. Click here for our Deposit Policy.

Metro Dog is happy to offer Holiday Boarding to nurture, love and care for your dog while you are away enjoying the holiday. We will make sure your beloved pet enjoys the holidays as much as you.  Click here for more information about our Holiday Boarding for Dogs Programs

Metro Dog offers three boarding options for adult dogs:

  • Multi-Dog Rooms hold 3 or more companionable dogs (8’ x 8’ or larger)
  • Family Rooms accommodate a 2-3 dog family. (5’ x 8’)
  • Singles are a room of one’s own – private rooms. (5’ x 8’)

Whether you choose to room your dog in a single, family room, or multi-dog room, he or she will enjoy  plenty of fresh air, overhead radiant heat, filtered water, music for relaxation, and 24 hour on-site supervision.

Counselors  check  your dog’s room before nap time to ensure that it is clean and tidy at all times. Nothing but the best for your best friend!


Metro Dog is the leader of the pack when it comes to our Center and services being developed around your canine’s comforts and needs. We have sectioned our Center into 7 Zones to accommodate the breadth of doggie experience. Please look through the following categories and choose the one which best fits your beloved canine companion! If you are unsure as to which of the categories to place your dog, just visit What Kind of Dog Is My Dog? to find out!


At Metro Dog we want to help your travel plans run smoothly.
Our regular hours are 6 AM to 9 PM everyday.

Need to leave early or pick up later?
After-hours pickups and drop-offs are always OK.

PET BOARDING RATES (all rates include day care)

Are you going to be making use of Metro Dog’s boarding services frequently? Or perhaps a combination of boarding and training? Check out our Metro Dollar Memberships and stretch your pet-care dollar further. For all our current rates click here.

Social Room – your dog plus roommates $65 / night / per dog
Two or more  Dog Family room
*family groups receive $10 off each dog after the first dog
$80 / night //1st dog, $55 / night /for each additional dog
single room $80 / night / per dog
Puppy 8-24 weeks $70 / night (includes feeding lunch)
Private boarding *limited availability. Currently closed to new clients. requires reservation
(includes private room and three 15 minute private play sessions and one 30 minute play session per day.)
$100 / night  / per dog

Please note: the standard boarding package includes the full day of day care on the day your dog arrives!


Private boarding is a wonderful option for less-social dogs.

Metro Dog is proud to cater to all types of dogs. While the vast majority of our clients take advantage of the full Metro Dog social program, we are aware that there are others who do not do so well in company. Our private boarding program offers your dog the safety and security of a solo experience while staying at the Metro Dog hotel. Private boarders have a room to themselves. In their room they are allowed all the toys and bones you would prefer them to have.

Private dogs take three 15 minute trips through our outside yards to play and take care of business in the company of their familiar human handler in addition to regular potty breaks during the day. They also have a 30 minute private play session with their handler every day as a guest at Metro Dog.


Want to get even more for your canine companion? Additional training, a good scrub and fluff, or a field trip in the park? No problem! Metro Dog offers a range of goodies which can be added on to our basic dog daycare and boarding schedule. Check out our extra fun menu to peruse the wide array of tantalizing options available.


All first time clients must attend our Orientation for New Clients before booking services. If you are a first time client, please give us a call at 510. 524. DOGS or email us at If you are a returning client, you can make a reservation request by using this  reservation form.

  • “Going on vacation is now guilt and worry-free knowing we can board our boy, Ollie, at Metro Dog. It's a clean, green facility where everyone knows his name and habits; and where, when we come to fetch him, we get a full report of his stay. It's a given that Ollie will have made more friends, gone on more hikes and gotten a whole lot more love than we. P.S.: They don't mind if you call to check up on your dog.”— Lisa D.
     Berkeley, CA
3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) •