Metro Dog Boarding Hotel

The next time you need to travel, check your beloved canine companion in to the Metro Dog Hotel! We offer overnight accomodations for dogs of all shapes, sizes and needs. Unless an individual room is requested, we socially board all dogs. It is our experience that dogs are more relaxed and settled when they are in company. We call it un-kenneling and have over a decade of experience that it works! Our suites are custom built with solid walls, a front door with upper window and glass windows facing out. The floors are made of the same recycled rubber we use throughout the Center. All rooms are furnished with crates and raised beds, though many dogs like the comfort of the rubber and opt to sprawl on the rubber floors. In the big dog villages multi-dog rooms are 8×8, individual and family rooms are 5×8. They are custom designed and engineered to be safe, attractive and comfortable.

All rooms have fresh filtered water, raised beds, and crates. You can provide one item of personal bedding or we will tuck them in with one of our blankets at night. Dogs with individual rooms or family dogs sharing a room may have toys and bones (no rawhide or nohide chews).

Metro Dog offers a choice of room types for overnight guests:

  • Multi-Dog Big Dog Rooms are 8×8 and hold 3-4 companionable dogs
  • Multi-Dog Small Dog Dorm rooms are 9×10 and hold 4-10 small dogs
  • Family Rooms accommodate a 2-3 dog family in a 5 x 8 room
  • Private/individual (single rooms) are a 5×8 room of one’s own. Private, semi-private and single social dogs reserve this room type.

Whether you choose to room your dog in an individual (we call it a single room), family room, or multi-dog room, he or she will enjoy  plenty of fresh air, overhead radiant heat, filtered water, music for relaxation, and 24 hour on-site supervision.

Our handlers monitor all day and night, ensuring your dog is resting peacefully and their room is clean and tidy at all times.

PET BOARDING RATES (all rates include day care)

Are you going to be making use of Metro Dog’s boarding services frequently? Or perhaps a combination of boarding and training? Check out our Metro Dollar Memberships and stretch your pet-care dollar further. For all our current rates click here.

Social Room – your dog plus roommates $65 / night / per dog
Two or more dogs from the same family in a family room
*family groups pay the social room rate for siblings and receive $10 off each dog after the first dog
$80 / night //1st dog, $55 / night /for each additional dog in the same family
Individual (single) room $80 / night / per dog
Puppy 8-24 weeks $70 / night (includes feeding provided lunch)
Private and semi-private boarding program- Private room *limited availability
(includes private room and three 15 minute private play sessions and one 30 minute play session per day.)
$100 / night  / per dog

Please note: the standard boarding package includes the full day of day care on the day your dog arrives. Check out is 10 AM on the last day. Day care fees apply after 10 AM.

**Effective Feb. 1, 2019, social boarding rate change, $68/night

Extra fun? Book services to enrich your dog’s stay beyond the well-balanced day included in your boarding fee.

Want to get even more for your canine companion? Additional training, a good scrub and fluff, a stuffed kong, story time, or a field trip in the park? No problem! These are just some of the extra activities you can select for your furkid. Metro Dog offers a range of goodies which can be added on to our basic dog daycare and boarding schedule. Check out our extra fun menu to see what might tickle your pup’s fancy.

How to make a reservation?

All first time clients must attend our Orientation for New Clients before booking services. If you are a first time client, please give us a call at 510. 524. DOGS or email us at If you are a returning client, you can make a reservation request by using this  reservation form.

  • “Metrodog is amazing. As dedicated dog lovers, leaving our two pups behind when traveling for business or a dog-free vacation used to be complicated and stressful. However, for over a year and a half Metrodog has been making our busy work and social lives possible without guilt. In fact, quite the opposite of guilt. Our shepherd mix and Lab are SOOO excited when we even utter the word “Metrodog” that they start grabbing their leashes and running around the house like, well, mad dogs! Clearly they know they’re going to a canine country club, where all of their doggy needs are met. And they love meeting up with their furry friends. They go for extended sleepovers, as well as one or more day care and park trips almost every week while we’re working during the day. They come home happy, exercised, socialized, and mellow.

    Of all the places we’ve boarded our dogs, this is cleanest, safest, most professional, and most attentive — by a long shot. The entire staff is excellent; they’re friendly, they know what they’re doing and it’s obvious that they love what they do. They’re also honest, which we appreciate tremendously. If one of our dogs gets a rare scratch or if our Lab (who’s had multiple leg surgeries and limps after exercise) has been limping a lot, they know why and when, they take care of the issue (clean the scratch, put the Lab in the less active group), and they TELL us about it. There’s no weird “I don’t know what you’re talking about” or “well, your dog must have come in that way” like we’ve experienced in other places. They also allow dogs to rest in between activities, which is natural — and different from other places that just throw all the dogs in a room and let them fend for themselves.

    Friends of ours have successfully used their in-home pet care services, as well.

    If you’re in the East Bay or North Bay, this is simply the best option for dog care.”
3117 Pierce Street, Richmond, CA, 94804 • 510.524.DOGS (3647) •